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Paul J Hawkins Jr

321 Janette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario N9A 4Z4

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These individuals are my great-grandparents born in England 25-July-1878 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England and 25-May-1889 in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, respectively. They emigrated to Canada in the early 1900's before WWI where they established the Canadian line of my family. Killed in action 15-Sept-1916, Thomas Henry Hawkins left three brothers, two of whom were still serving, two sisters, one a Mrs. Alice Burrell, his widowed mother Mrs. Annie Hawkins (nee Delahunt), a wife, Mrs. Mary Alice Hawkins (nee Garraway), and two sons, Arthur and George. Any information regarding this family in Leeds can be directed to the addresses to the left.

Table of Contents

ABDEY: England, Canada, USA
BRUNER: USA and Canada
GARRAWAY: England and Canada
HAWKINS: England
WWI Soldiers: Tribute

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